To my beloved Bob
                    YOU ARE NOT GONE! ( Just from sight)

You are not gone
For you ride on the wind
And brush my cheek
With a gentle kiss

You shine brightly in the night
As a twinkling star
That reminds me always
Of your laughing spirit
And gentle ways.

You watch through every sunbeam
As you illuminate
Each flower, leaf and blade of grass
In your path.

You roll in with the dawn
And linger in the dusk
Your voice is heard in
Songs of birds, chirps of crickets
And it soars on wings of eagles.

You are not gone
For you are with me every day
In all the beautiful things
That come my way.

Your loving eyes, your spirited laugh
Your gentle hug, the joy you brought
Manifest in a thousand ways to remind
That life goes on.

You are not gone, but from sight
Your spirit lives on
In Gods eyes and
Through the love for you in our hearts.

You are not gone, Just out of sight.

In loving memory of my precious son Bob. May he live on in each life that he touched in his short time on this earth

Carolyn Bitterlich


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